Winnie Mandela, Victim of South-Africa’s Rulers’ ingratitude for Her extraordinary Work to Free South-Africa and the people of this land

Golden Misabiko
Golden Misabiko

The Rulers of South-Africa never stop showing their ungratefulness towards those of theirs, like Winnie Mandela and many others, who lost their time, money, lives and properties to make the freedom fights and victory a reality: to conquer the apartheid regime of fear, arrest and killings.

Winnie Mandela played an enormous role in supporting her husband, Nelson Mandela before being arrested, during arrests and after her husband had been released from the longest detention a human being has ever experienced. She [Winnie] did an extraordinary work in campaigning, lobbying and lecturing not only to get her husband out of prison but to free South-Africa from the shameful apartheid as well. She was physically and intellectually so well gifted that she was able to achieve what many of this world cannot try to.

With no fear, shyness, intimidation nor hesitation, she could look into the eyes of the white persecutors and tell them what was really in her heart and her mind. And this was an excellent teaching-tool for the people around her who were not well and enough empowered to face the oppressors. She was not frightened, at all, by the guns and handcuffs of her harassers of all the races. She was spreading authority, power and a kind of neutralizing hypnosis to them with her permanent beauty in action.

In the same way the South-Africa’s rulers have blood in their hands in the manner that they are running their political influences in the region and on all the rest of Africa [and yet, the rest of the continent did everything possible to free South-Africa…], in the same way they [South-Africa’s rulers] have shown their ungratefulness towards this extraordinary Lady, Winnie Mandela [with some others] who liberated South-Africa via Nelson Mandela’s liberation.

The peoples of Congo, DRC [Zaire at that time] were accompanying Mama Winnie Mandela in her commitment and determination to see Nelson Mandela out of Prison. This was the daily discussion topics in the minds of many Congolese citizens. She had all the support of women, men, children and elderly people of Congo. When Miriam Makeba came to Congo (Zaire in 1960s and 1970s) to sing, we, younger ones, were told about the fight of Winnie Mandela to free Nelson Mandela and all South-Africa. Many musicians of Congo Kinshasa sang songs to demand to release Nelson M.

Ungratefully, the today’s South-Africa’s rulers have shown no sign of thanks for the contribution of the Congolese people in the global efforts to release Nelson Mandela from prison. They [South-Africa’s rulers] pay Congo DRC with the « monkey money ».

Indeed, ungratefully, the South-Africa’s rulers have paid Winnie Mandela so cheaply that she has to die of this humiliation and daily signs of no thankfulness.

My deep condolences to Winnie Mandela’s family.


By Golden Misabiko
International Human Rights Defenders
The Nuclear-Free Future Award
Environmental Laureate
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