3 quarters of chinese in Zambia are prisoners in their country reviews intelligence report

The Zambian intelligence report obtained by Zambian Watch indicate that three quarters of Chinese nationals in Zambia are prisoners serving death sentences in their countries.

According to the report, the Chinese government is sending unwanted criminals to work in African countries.

The report further reviews that Chinese prisoners are sent to African countries to work on behalf of their country as constructors, drillers and real astate agent’s.

« It has been established that chinese Nationals who come to Zambia as constructors are prisoners in their country serving death sentences » a report reviews.

« These Chinese nationals are a danger to our country. Some are sent as spies to weaken the security system of African countries » an intelligence report submitted to President Edgar Lungu on the 15th March,2018 reviewed.

Zambia in the recent past has seen a number of violent activities by Chinese nationals in the construction sector.

Others from Avic International have been bribing ministers and Presidents in exchange of controlling the security systems of African countries.


By The Zambian Observer, 22.04.18