President Lungu’s true identity finally exposed

“He is a Lundu Ngolongolilwa from Malawi Liwonde”


Malawian Newspapers have established that Zambian President Edgar Lungu is actually Lundu Ngolongoliwa from Malawi Liwonde.

Several Malwian Newspapers quoted a close friend to President Lungu who grew up with him in liwonde of Malawi up to the age of 15. Mr Edwin Banda is quoted as knowing President Lungu as Lundu Ngolongoliwa but before crossing over to Zambia he changed his name from Lundu to Jonathan Padule Mutaware.

The President is said to have changed his original name Lundu after his parents were hanged to death by the community because of criminal activities.

Immediately after crossing over to Zambia, Ngolongoliwa changed his name to Edgar Lungu to rubbish the name tag of Criminal activities done by his parents in Malawi. Even those who went to school with him like Kabimba know him as Padule Edgar Lungu.

According to a birth record from Malawi, Edgar Lungiu’s true names is Lundu Ngolongoliwa before he became Jonathan Padule Mutaware.

All these revelations prove that Zambia is ruled by a criminal man no wonder he has no regard for human life. Look a the number of people who have been shot by police since he took power in 2015. Consider the number of taxes he has introduced against Zambians, the man has no heart for Zambians as he knows he is not a Zambian himself.


By The Zambian Observer, 21.04.18