Congolese community gets posh hangout

Quartier Mantonge club has been added to Kansanga’s map, thanks to the big Congolese community in Uganda.

Mantonge, owned by Devis Bahati Kayumbu, is where Congolese catch up with their latest music, culture and friends.

The club opened on April 20, with great ambiance, live music video mixing of Congolese music, and the mostly Congolese patrons looked impressed with their slice of home.

Kayumbu said: « Since Congo is not good for this kind of business, we find Uganda is the best for hospitality ».

Matthew Musoke, the procurement and logistics manager, said they have employed people of different nationalities to handle non-Congolese clients that love the vast country’s food and culture.

Devis Bahati Kayumbu (L),  the executive director, Quartier Mantonge club, with a guest


Written by Alfred Ochwo, in The Observe27, 27.04.18